Social psycology Essay

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social psycology


Do conformity votes vary across different cultures and from one generation to the next?
The answer I got was yes of course that conformity rates vary according to the cultures
and times. My sample Wessam, Sherif and Khaled had the some answers but by different
explanations. Wessam saw that there are many factors which can change conformity like
cultures and time. For example, he said that Egyptians from fourty years where very afraid
from the government and he always heard about how people couldn’t say anything about
the president for he would be prisoned at once. However, it is more safer and people
gained more courage to resist conformity pressures, Sherif and Khaled thought that when
people’s education is improved and they become more modernized, they can resist or
their conformity rates can be different. Thus, they were able to know many things they
couldn’t know before.

I can add to my sample opinions that collectivistic rather than individualistic can also
change conformity because people gain more power to resist when they are with each other.
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