Somersby Essay

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Sometimes two things may seem like they have nothing in common but when analyzed more
critically one may find many similarities. A good example of this would be between The
Crucible and Sommersby. These two stories may seem like they have nothing in common; one,
The Crucible, is about the Salem witch trials, the other, Sommersby, is about a POW
returning home after six years. These two stories may appear to be totally different but
they do in fact share many similarities.

Three of the characters in The Crucible are very similar to three characters in Sommersby.
The three characters The Crucible are John Proctor, his wife Elizabeth Proctor, and
Abigail Williams. The three characters in Sommersby are Jack Sommersby (Horace Townsend),
Laurel Sommersby, and Orin Meecham. John Proctor is like Laurel Sommersby in the sense
that they have both committed the sin of adultery. Jack Sommersby is much like Elizabeth
Proctor because they both have their reasons to believe their spouse is cheating on them,
but don't have the concrete evidence to confront their spouse. And the relationship
between the two couples can be described in the same way; they are very uncomfortable
around each other. Orin is similar to Abigail Williams because they are the ones that are
having the affair with either Laurel or John. Both of them also try very desperately, with
no success, to maintain their relationship with the person they are committing adultery
with. Some of the characters in these two stories have something similar to the character
in the other story.

Jack Sommersby and John Proctor made similar decisions prior to not confessing or denying
the crimes they were accused of committing. Sommersby did not try to deny the charges
brought up against him for the murder of a man in a nearby town that he did not kill nor
does he sustain the idea that he is not really Jack Sommersby. Proctor does not formally
confess to being a wizard nor did he try to deny the charge. They both had similar reasons
for making the decisions they did. They did it to help other people, not for any personal
benefit. Sommersby did not try to back up the idea that he was Horace Townsend and not
Jack Sommersby, because if he did that many people in town would lose all the land they
have purchased from him. If he had confessed to being Horace Townsend he would have been
able to live but that was not what was important to him. What was though was the happiness
of the people in his town. Proctor refused to sign the document that would officially
submit his confession, because if he confessed then it would prove to the town that the
accusations of witchcraft were legitimate. All the other people that had confessed to
witchcraft were not good Christians so their confession did not really mean much to the
town. Had Proctor confessed to practicing witchcraft he would have lived but then the town
could have confirmed the accusations of witchcraft and all the people that have hung would
have hung for a good reason. But since he did not confess the good name of all the people
hung were not defiled and the town cast even more doubt upon the accusations of
witchcraft. In making these decisions the characters in both stories made decisions based
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