Space Cake: An oddessey Essay

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Space Cake: An oddessey

This a good story, long winded maybe so get yourself a drink and take your time to
discover the wonderful world of sex, alcohol, drugs and Amsterdam!!!!

The argument as to wether drugs are "safe" or not and all the other issues relating to
soft or hard drugs can be summed up thus. If alcohol and tobacco had just been discovered
they'd be banned substances, period. The fact that they are not is because they were
introduced into society during a time when (particularly tobacco) the world did not have
at it's disposal all the medical evidence it does today. Oh and they raise billons of £'s
in tax.I digress.

My story started out when I was inbetween marriages and going through a particlularly
"bollocks to the pope" phase in my life. I'd grafted hard at my marriage and was very
happy, had a son, no money worries or career worries either. If you like a milk and honey
period. BANG it all came tumbling down around me. Being a second class citizen ie. White,
male, working class, decent income, no criminal record, paid my taxes locally and
centrally. I found myself on the receieving end of what can be laughably described as the
UK "best in the world" legal system. So that left me with fuck all really. Wife fucked off
back to her folks took the savings most of the furniture (put into storage) the new car
and a majority of the equity in the house. Only by her (reasonable behaviour) did I manage
to hang onto the house now with a massive mortgage and a few possesions that made the
place just about habitable. Oh and I had to take a lodger to help pay my way......Then the
maintenance payments hit my wallet. You can see your son every other week-end blah blah
blah you must now have a picture of a wrecked man. Well almost.

It took a while to get on my feet but boy when I did I was like linford christie off like a rocket enjoying myself.

One day I called on a customer (i was a sales representative at this time) with whom I did
good biz niz with. The woman on the reception desk had become very friendly with me. She
asked me one day if I'd like to go to amsterdam for the week-end? Wey hey I thought to
myself the old dog has scored. Then she told me more detail.

I live in a town in England. The port of Dover is about three hours drive away the deal
was to go over night on a coach on friday via ferry to Calais in France travel to
Amsterdam and arrive crack of dawn on the Saturday morning. Spend all day mooching around
the "historic" city amd museums etc. Not to mention the infamous red light area. Leave
midnight saturday and travel in reverse arriving back in my local town early afternoon

The day arrived and I with about 30 or so other employees of this company boarded the
coach after several hours in a pub and several beers in the process. So far so good.

Other than the usual stops to tap a kidney so to speak the journey went well. We duly
arrived in Amterdam at about 7.30 AM.

The coach droped us off in a big open Square I don't remember the name only the bar that
was in it. This bar was called the Bulldog Bar. (If you've been to the centre of Amsterdam
some of you will know this area.)

Any way the driver stipulated that we had to be back at this bar at 1.30 am Sunday or we
would be left behind. We knew they were serious as they were picking up a couple who were
left behind the week before!

The group all disembarked and split up into several gropus. These intern split up into
smaller groups. I ended up with a very tasty girl called Caroline and a man called Derek.

On our journey through Amsterdam we would bump into others from the coach. Everyone seemed
to migrate to the Red Light district. Both Derek and Caroline smoked and had said in
conversation they had tried Marjuana, hash, weed call it what you like. I said the only
drugs I had tried were alcohol and something for a headache which bought gales of
laughter. We decided we'd like to try " Space Cake" Amsterdam has a very very liberal
drugs attitude particularly to Marajuana. Hard drugs are a different matter.

So we went into a coffee shop and ordered three coffee's and three pieces of cake. Very
reasonably price as I seem to remember. We drank and eat the cake which tasted like

About an hour and a half I could feel this stuff kick in and I started to feel slightly
drunk. At this point we all went into an adult shop. I decided to buy some vids to take
back for some lonley night pleasure with Mrs hand and her five daughters. I took my
selection into a booth to play before purchase. Played the vids got horny and decided to
rip one off in the booth. Said pleasure completed I came outside only to find my fellow
travellers nowhere to be seen.

By now I has on planet janet. Stoned and lost to boot. I had a panic attack my mouth was
as dry as a center forwards jockstrap on a hot summers day. Now I knew where I was. I had
about £200 cash ($300) my passport and my visa card I could easily get a taxi back to the
airport and fly one way back to the uk. I knew all this yet still I paniced about getting
back to the bulldog bar in a sqaure who's name I could not recall!

I looked left and right and still my travelling companions were nowhere to be seen.

Thirst gripped my throat like a hangmans noose around a neck. I then saw a small liosk and
went in for some bottled water. I purchased the bottle and asked for directions to the
bulldog bar. The bastards were only interested in selling me a map! Map I needed a guide
dog! I then went into a trinket store where a young lady directed me to the "Bulldog Bar"
what an embaressment that was. I was seriously smashed. What was in that cake?

I managed to get to this bar. Yes it was called The Bulldog bar......Sadly not the one I
wanted. Shit, shit shit I kept saying to myself. I went in. Dark low ceiling and that
smell, I groaned more cannibis on the go. Not what I needed at this moment in my life I
was hammered enough as it was.

Now if you've ever had a conversation with someone who is deaf but can hear or someone
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