Speech on blacks Essay

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speech on blacks

Blacks on the Eastern Shore
I enjoyed Clara Smalls presentation about blacks on the eastern shore. It was interesting
to learn that in the early 1600ís blacks were primarily indentured servants. Blacks only
worked for so long then could be released. Some blacks even owed land and had slaves of
their own. It was not until 1663 when Maryland and Virginia first instituted slavery.
Bye the year 1713, there were slaves in all the thirteen colonies. Then blacks could no
longer be own land or property. After that blacks started a secret under ground railroad,
which they used to escape their plantations. Some slaves actually told their owners about
the under ground railroad so they had to change their sites frequently. Salisbury is
filled with history; she said this is one of the most historical sites on the east coast.
I hope to be able to attend more speeches like this one in the near future.


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