Spinal Injuries Essay

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Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are a very serious, and even life-threatening, problem facing
almost everyone at some point in there lives. If a broken vertebra pinches a
spinal nerve, paralysis may result. The spine is a column of vertebrae stacked one
on the next from the skullís base to the tail bone. Each vertebra is hollow
through the center where the spinal cord runs through.
There are some signs and symptoms that you should check for if you suspect
spinal injury on an injured person. Head injuries may indicate that the head may
have been snapped in one of more directions. If the victim is conscious, ask
them if they feel a pain when they move their arms or legs. Also, the victim may
feel numbness, tingling, weakness, or burning in their arms of legs. They may
also lose control of their bowls or bladder. However, deformity or an odd
looking angle of the head serves as the best clue to a serious spinal injury.
If the victim is unconscious, you should check for cuts, bruises and
deformities; that may serve as a good clue to spinal injuries. You should also test
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