Stamp Act Essay

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Stamp Act

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was an important act introduced by the British
prime minister George Grenville and it was passed in March 1765 by the
British Parliament. It's purpose was to raise money for the British army
stationed in the American colonies. The Stamp Act required tax stamps
for public documents such as, newspapers, legal documents, customs
documents, licenses, playing cards, deeds, and almanacs. Since Britain
was left with a large national debt from the Seven Years' War, the
British government felt that since the colonies benefited that they
should contribute to the expenses. The American colonies acted
strongly against this matter.
During the Summer of 1765, there were many protests in the
colonies. These protests involved everyone from civic leaders to street
mobs. In many cities and towns the slogan became "no taxation without
representation." The Sons of Liberty were a secret organization that
often organized these protests. Many acts of violence and a lot of
pressure was centered towards the Stamp Agents. By fall almost all
stamp agents resigned.
The Virginia Assembly declared that the Stamp Act was unjust
and illegal. The assembly passed resolutions against taxation's by the
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