Star wars video essay Essay

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star wars video essay

Overall I thought star wars was a really good movie. It had my eyes glued to the screen.
George Lucas had a good plot to star wars.

Ok Star Wars had a couple of mythical heroes. The mythical heroes are Luke Skywalker, Obi
wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader. But Darth Vader is an evil mythical hero. There are folklore
heroes are C3p0, R2-D2, and Han Solo. The thing that makes Luke Skywalker, Obi wan Kenobi
and Darth Vader mythical heroes are that they have powers and folklore heroes don't have
any at all.

In Star Wars the hero's quest who is Luke Skywalker. His quest was to be a Jedi and to
destroy the death star. According to the book on pg.27 a hero's quest is to do something
big to help all people out.

Star Wars is not a myth. The movie does not explain how the universe at all was made.
There was a certain religious thing to it though. The religious aspect to it was the
force. But the rest of the movie, Was a folktale. There was magic involve with the movie.
And it does teach you morals and values. Like respect your elders and stuff like that. But
there is a myth to the movie part too. Like how Luke Skywalker was the offspring to Darth
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