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Star Wars

Star Wars
George Lucas
Paperback, November 1998

Star Wars is a science fiction adventure novel. The symbolism and characterization was
really excellent in the story. The story gives a great look into the future as it has many
different types of things we have not yet invented; blaster rifles, space ships that go
the speed of light, fat alien slugs, and beam swords. The plot of the story sucks you into
the novel and makes you want to continue reading the novel.

The plot of the story mainly reflects on a young boy, Luke Skywalker. Luke was raised on
his Uncle's moisture farm on the planet Tatooine. He meets up with Obi-Wan Kenobi by
following a droid, R2-D2, he had purchased through a small natives of Tatooine known as
Jawas. R2-D2 believes he is the property of Obi-Wan and decides to search for its master.
Luke is attacked by another group of natives, Tusken Raiders also known as sand people.
Obi-Wan comes and saves Luke from the sand people and take him back to his home. Obi-Wan
tells Luke a little about his father. He tells Luke that his father was his apprentice in
learning the ways of the "Force". Obi-Wan gives Luke his father's old light saber and
Obi-Wan finds something inside R2-D2. It is a message from Princess Leia. She sent the two
droids, R2-D2 and C3-PO, to send this message to Obi-Wan. Luke and Obi-Wan head back to
Luke's house and find a Sandcrawler, a vehicle the Jawas travel in, destroyed. Luke thinks
that some Tusken Raiders did this, but Obi-Wan points out that Imperial Storm Troopers
have attacked the Jawas. Luke then finds out that his uncle and aunt are dead. He then
decides to train to be a Jedi Knight.

They head to a Mos Eisley, a spaceport to search for a pilot to get them to the planet
Alderaan. Obi-Wan and Luke meet up with a smuggler named Han Solo and his co-pilot,
Chewbacca the Wookie also known as Chewie. They make a deal for Han to take the two humans
and the two droids to Alderaan. While preparing the ship Han runs into a crime lord, Jabba
the Hutt. Jabba was mad at Han for dropping off his shipments and running with out paying
him. Han promises Jabba he will have his money soon and a little more. As they start
boarding the ship some Storm Troopers find them and started attacking. They take off in
the Millennium Falcon and escape the Imperial forces.

While heading for the planet Alderaan, Luke trains in the Millennium Falcon. Obi-Wan
suddenly feels something evil through the force. They reach the area where Alderaan is and
find that it had been blown up. They see an Imperial TIE Fighter. They follow it to a
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