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Starbucks Coffee Co. changed the concept consumers had about drinking coffee. With more
than 1000 outlets across the USA (1997 numbers) and the intention of doubling that over
the next 3 years and considering international expansion, the company has transformed a
simple beverage into a lifestyle accessory with as much elegance as the latest fashion.
The Seattle based chainís success over the past 25 years has a lot to do with the quality
of the product, which has attracted a loyal and growing following among consumers.

The retail strategy has been to put a coffee shop on every corner and to make fresh-brewed
coffee by selling only the highest-quality products and charging a premium price. However,
the product mix has changed significantly over the years, with beans accounting for about
15% of the chainís sales. Meanwhile, Starbucks is expanding its offerings, with a line of
ice cream for supermarkets and a joint venture with Pepsi Cola to market Frappuccino.

At the same time, the company continues to develop sales in alternative outlets, including
foodservice and non-traditional retail sites as United Airlines, Holland America cruise
line, Seattle Kingdome, an Alliance with Barnes & Noble bookstores, among others.

As mentioned above, to keep the growing pace, the company is considering expanding to
international markets, especially Japan and APAC countries. Thatís the main objective of
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