States and power in africa Essay

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states and power in africa

We must understand the differences in the African and European political experience in
order to understand the difficulties faced by African leaders. In Herbst's book States and
Power in Africa, First I will give an overview of the differences between the African and
European advances toward becoming a nation state. Next the reasons why these differences
are important to understanding the difficulties faced by African leaders will be
discussed. Finally I will give an overview of possible alternatives to the current system
of states in Africa.

In States and Power in Africa Herbst shows us several differences between

It is important to look at why Herbst's analysis of Africa's and Europe's political
differences gives us many reasons that go toward the explaining African leader's political
difficulties. One of Herbst's overall arguments is that the colonization of Africa by
Europe is not solely responsible for their self destructive systems of government. He
would like others studying comparative politics to understand that many of the
pre-colonial social and political norms as well as post-colonial observance of the forced
state system have also contributed to Africa's current problems.

Herbst's shows us that it is important to look beyond the predetermined political
geography as set forth at the Berlin Conference as the sole reason for African leader's
difficulty in broadcasting power. To counter this argument Herbst looks at several other
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