Static and Dynamic characters in Great Expectation Essay

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Static and Dynamic characters in Great Expectations

Static and Dynamic Characters in Great Expectations

“Joe” is a very simple name. So, in relation to that, Joe in Great Expectations is a
simple, good and moral character. Joe does not change at all in the book. He begins the
book showing his good nature and generosity when, after supposedly being robbed by the
convict, he was happy that the convict did not starve. And in the middle of the book,
after all Pip had done to him after he became a “gentleman”, Joe was still loving and
affectionate towards him when he became ill. Also, throughout the book, Joe was proud to
be who he was. He never wanted any property or money. Even when Mr. Jaggers offered him
money because he would not have Pip as his apprentice anymore, he did not accept it.

In contrast, Estella is a very dynamic character; she goes from being a girl with a heart
of ice to a sensitive woman, although the change in her takes place late in the book. At
the start of the book Estella is very mean and insulting to Pip. This is not her own
nature, and that is why it is possible for her to change into a better person. Estella
was brought up by Miss Havisham to crush the hearts of all men, so that is what she does
to Pip. Since Miss Havisham is the only family Estella has ever known, she is bound to
her. Since she is bound to Miss Havisham, she is obligated to serve as her tool of
vengeance. But, when Miss Havisham dies, that bond is gone and more of Estella’s true
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