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Steppenwolf opens with a preface by a young businessman, who introduces a sheaf of notes
left behind by a lodger in his attic rooms several years before. This young man, the
landlady's nephew, describes the eccentric lodger, Harry Haller, who called himself a
Steppenwolf, meaning in German a wolf of the steppes, or plains. The narrator finds this
an odd but apt description of the shy, lonely wanderer who revealed little about himself
but left a haunting memory. The preface recounts Harry's arrival and the narrator's
several encounters with him- on the stairs, at a concert and an art lecture, and in a
tavern. He has decided to publish Harry Haller's "records" although he can't say whether
the experiences it relates were real or fictitious.

Haller's "records," subtitled "For Madmen Only," begin with a walk in the dusk after a
boring day. The walk takes Harry into an imaginary world by way of a flickering sign, an
appearing and disappearing little door in a church wall, and a peddler with a placard
advertising, "Magic Theater- Entrance Not For Everybody." The peddler hands Harry a
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