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Essay written by: Benjamin Zepheniah

“What do you expect form a blonde?” “ A woman’s place is in the
kitchen”, “ Look at the jewelry he’s wearing, he’s probably a drug
dealer” How many times have we heard statements such as these? It is such statements
along with numerous others, which have caused our society to isolate and stereotype every
individual based on past or previous experiences. To categorize individuals or a group
according to an oversimplified standardized image or idea is to stereotype. When we
stereotype, it affects our ability to understand and accept individuals and various groups
of people for who they are. Women, Police Officers and various ethnic groups are among
many who are stereotyped.

In the early 1800’s, women were recognized as “homemakers”. However, as
times changed they began to feel the need to become independent. As a result, women are
now frequently stereotyped more than ever, especially in the business environment. Men are
accustomed to women acquiring positions that require a “feminine touch” such
as, nurses, secretaries, school teachers or other clerical positions. Therefore, when a
woman acquires a position that puts her in higher authority, such as a role as a Vice
President or CEO of a company, she is instantly stereotyped as feeling the need to be
dominant. Women are also stereotyped by what they wear. For example, if a woman is wearing
an outfit that is tight fitting or wearing a mini skirt, she is misconstrued as being too

Futhermore, our society has even come down to stereotyping the many men and women who on a
daily risk their lives to serve and protect our community. Due to immoral acts initiated
by other police officers, such as dishonest/illegal search and seizures and drug related
issues, police officers are stereotyped frequently too. If a civilian is summoned by an
officer to pull over due to a motor vehicle violation and this civilian is of an opposite
ethnic background of the officer, the officer is usually accused of racial profiling. In
addition, if a police officer is out of reach, it has often been stated that he/she can be
found at the nearest Dunkin Donuts consuming large amounts of coffee and donuts. Finally,
if an officer is residing in a residential area that “appears” to be over
his/her annual income, he/she is stereotyped as being “crooked”.

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