Steroids effect on psychology of aids patients Essay

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steroids effect on psychology of aids patients

Adam Seymour
Psyc 2022
8 Feb 2000

Anabolic Steroid Use in AIDS Patients

The use of Anabolic Steroids in AIDS patients is becoming increasingly popular.
Steroids are used to bring the lean body mass of a patient up for multiple reasons. In most
cases the loss of lean body mass from AIDS is so severe it is causing a significant decrease
in quality of life. Anabolic Steroids have many inherent risks associated with them for
example many types of cancer, risks of liver disease from oral AS, gynocomastia, and
hormonal cycle imbalance. Steroids not only effect the body, they also change the mind
state and attitude of the user. In some cases the excess testosterone in the system causes
increases in aggression and loss of focus in everyday life. Even though it is well
documented that many users find an increase in aggression it is my opinion as a former
user and dealer that AIDS patients should be prescribed AS.
AIDS patients that have extremely low body masses have a low quality of life.
They do not posses enough muscle to perform everyday tasks that are second nature for
normal adults. This is where AS are brought into the picture. AS are a quick way of
adding on lean body mass. They are usually “stacked” which is a process of taking two or
more types of steroids at once. There are hundreds of steroids out on the market today,
and each has a little different effect on the body. You stack a combination of steroids that
contain the effects that you want to see. You also want to take different steroids that
compete for androgernic sites in different ways in order to increase testosterone
production. The patient could start seeing gains in lean body mass with only an increase of
caloric intake and no lifting program. Once they built a base of lean body mass they could
begin a weighlifting program to further increase their lean body mass. The physical side
effects that an AIDS patient would be worried about can be counteracted with other
drugs. Gynoconmastia(bitch tits) can be counteracted with a few different drugs, but the
most popular choice would be Nolvadex, when used in the male system prevents
aromitization or testosterone conversion. Testicular shrinkage can be counteracted with
HCG which tells the body that it has produced to much ooestrogen. The body counteracts
this with producing more testosterone naturally, thus keeping the testicle size normal. The
risk of getting cancer from steroid use is a mute point for an AIDS patient, because cancer
comes from years of heavy stacking.
The only true risk that an AIDS patient would find would be the increase of
aggression that comes from the increase of testosterone. Multiple tests involving
testosterone cyanopate showed a significant increase in the aggression of the subject, both
human and animal towards other subjects and towards inanimate objects(Kouri EM et al
1995, Choi PY 1994, Nakatani Y 1995 ). Many of the results in the human cases were
taken by asking patients standardized questions about everyday life, along with having to
describe a list of situations that were presented. The biggest downside is that many AS
users had a significant increase in aggression towards women and had significantly more
fights during their relationships than did non AS users (Choi PY 1994). The increased
aggression with the unnatural increase in muscle size can be viewed as a serious problem.
The user tends to be stronger than those around him or her. With the mix of the bad
attitude and the increased size makes the user hard to deal with sometimes.
There are other tests though that are inconclusive about the increase of aggression
levels of the user. One test asked a series of questions about the everyday life of the user.
They only found a significant increase in aggression of the user during weight training
sessions(Parrott et al 1994). Another test was performed to see if there was significant
increase of the driving aggression of the anabolic steroid user(Ellingrod et al 1997). The
test found that there was no difference in the aggression of driving between the users and
non-users category. This point is a very strong one because a car can easily become a
large weapon, especially in the hands of a person who has temperament problems.
My view is not one of a researcher, but of an insider. I may not be as scientific
about the views I am going to present, but I dealt with this day in day out for quite a
while. I find gaps in a majority of the studies due to the fact that they mainly used
testosterone cyanopate. There are certain steroids that cause a person to develop the bad
attitude or “roid rage”. One of the drugs that falls in this category is TC. Others that fall
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