Stevie Essay

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Stevie is the story about a young boy who overcame a lot of obstacles to become one of
the best workers that his field ever had. Stevie has his boss quoted was “ short, a little dumpy,
with the smooth facial features and a thick tongued speech of down syndrome.” His boss even
used to be worried to he wouldn’t work out, that all the people that go there to dine that
weren’t truckers would not like him very much. So for the first couple of weeks his boss watched
him a lot, and made sue that he was doing everything right.
Stevie soon became the center of attention everybody in the dinner loved him. He had
the workers doing everything he wanted and the people soon made him their mascot. Even
though he was the center of attention Stevie never forgot about his duties that he had. He
would always make sure that everything was in place, the salt and pepper shakers were always
in place, and there were never any bread crumbs or spots left one table. The only problems that
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