Story analysis Essay

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Story analysis

In this paper I will discuss the themes of three Different stories. All of these stories
involve betrayal, murders, insanity, and revenge. The themes of these stories have some
similarities and different situations. The three stories that will be analyzed are; The
Cask of Amontillado, The Fall of the House of Usher, and The Tell Tale Heart. All of these
stories were written by the same author (Edgar Allan Poe) therefore it is self-explanatory
why there are similarities in the stories.

In the Cask of Amontillado Montressor is seeking revenge from Fortunato. They were both
wine connoisseurs. They were friends and also worked together. Somewhere in the past
Fortunato betrayed Montressor and Montressor was affected deeply by it. He wanted sweet
revenge, so he planned out a murder scheme to kill fortunate. Montressor acted normal as
if he was Fortunato’s friend. One night before the carnival Montressor invites fortunate
over his place to test out a whine so that he makes sure that it is the right wine. When
they arrive at the chambers Montressor takes him all the way down and into a small room.
On the way down Montressor gives him different types of wine as if it was for testing. It
turns out that Montressor wanted to get him drunk so that when he took him to the small
chamber and chained him, Fortunato would be too drunk to fight back. Montressor sat by the
chamber until he heard Fortunato’s last whispers before his death. The theme categorized
as: man versus man. Fortunato betrayed Montressor. This is what caused the conflict. This
drove Montressor crazy to the point that he wanted to kill Fortunato. His obsession with
revenge was also a main sign of his insanity. Montressor would always think of it and how
not to make it obvious that he was up to something. He carried out his plan and made a
perfect crime out of it.

The Fall of the House of Usher is about a man that goes help his sick friend from his home
town. When he shoes up he notices that everything including the house is deteriorating.
His friend Roderick Usher is not well. At first, the narrator thinks this is due to his
wife’s mortal illness. Usher’s wife is also his sister. Usher and his wife look like
living cadavers and this disturbs the narrator emotionally. His concern with Usher makes
him stay. While he is there Usher acts nervous and impatient. Days later Usher’s wife
Madeline “dies” and Usher asks him if he would help him take her to the chambers. After he
leaves her inside the chambers, he feels insecure. He decides to ignore his insecurities
and help Usher through his wife’s “death”. As the days go by he starts feeling nervous and
impatient like his friend Usher. One night he couldn’t go to sleep so he went downstairs.
He found Roderick sitting down with a crazed look on his face. The narrator started to
hear some faint knocking on the chambers. Then he realized that they had laid Lady
Madeline in her tomb before her death. Usher runs down to the Chambers and struggles with
Madeline and kills her. Then he starts running back up. The Narrator runs outside and
watches the house fall. With this the story ends. The theme of the story is categorized
as: man versus Society. Usher and his wife are not accepted because of their relationship.
They are ridiculed because they are married and they are also siblings. Usher and his wife
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