Streets Of London Essay

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Streets Of London

Shannon McCaw
April 19, 2005
Instructor Severson
English 105

Streets of London
"London" by William Blake is an emotional setting of man who is going though something in
his life and he has found himself walking through the streets of London. It leads readers
to believe that something has happened in which led this man to go on a long walk along
the Thames River. The last line of the poem, "And blights with plagues the Marriage
hearse" tells the reader that something has happened between this man and his wife.

As this man is walking, he describes what he sees on people's faces. It's not a very
upbeat description, "And mark in every face I meet….Mark of weakness, marks of woe."
It's like since he is in this miserable place in his life that he thinks everyone else is
sad and miserable too.

This poem makes the reader think about a deeper meaning. Blake has a way of using words to
describe the situation in a more emotional sense. Through a man, a chimney-sweeper's and
an infant's cry, it shows an inner pain he carries. But goes off when he mentions a
blackening church and bloody palace walls. Makes you think that he's a confused person or
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