Stress in the workplace Paper

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Stress in the workplace

Stress in the Work Place

By Stacey Scott-Spland

Stress by definition is an interaction between individuals and any source of demand
(stressor) within their environment. Employment can be an exciting challenge for many
individuals; it can also be a tremendous source of stress. (Long, Bonita C.) Stress in the
work place can cause many individuals harm emotionally and physically. Several reasons for
the intense amounts of stress are; too many demands from co-workers, supervisors
constantly breathing down your back, elevated noise levels in the work place, lack of
knowledge for a particular position, co-workers not upholding their responsibility to help
with the task at hand, and favoritism. Lack of promotional opportunities at your place of
employment, in spite of the fact that you go that extra mile will contribute to stress.

Some effects that can result from stress in the work place are; poor job performance, low
morale in the office, and insalubrious employees. Reciprocally, elevated stress levels in
an organization are associated with increased turnover, absenteeism; sickness, and reduced
productivity. At a personal level, work stressors are related to depression, anxiety,
general mental distress symptoms, heart disease, ulcers, and chronic pain (Sauter,
Hurrell, & Cooper, 1989).

A stressor is the object or event that the individual perceives to be disruptive. Stress
results from the perception that the demands exceed one's capacity to cope. (Wiersma &
Berg, 1991). I did a people poll on my job and ask several individuals why do you deal
with the stress at this job? These are the responses I received; "I have 2 more years
before I can retire and no one is willing to hire a 62 year woman." "I think that this is
a good company and it's the same every where you go." I find myself dealing with the
stress of this job regretting change. I detest interviewing for a new job, perspective
employers always necessitate that you have more experience than the job actually requires.
The lack of employment in the area is also a factor that influences my decision to stay at
this company. So as the responses show many people muddle through the situations on their
jobs regardless of the stress that is impacting their lives.

Early signs of job stress are headaches, sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating,
short temper, upset stomach, and job dissatisfaction. Research tells us that there are an
increased amount of health issues related to job stress. Cardiovascular disease,
musculoskeletal disorders, psychological disorders, work place injury, suicide, cancer,
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