Stress problems Essay

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stress problems


Stress is a problem for everyone from males to females to animals. It is usually caused
by something that is out of the ordinary from everyday life things like, loss of a job,
family problems, and tests. The stress created by these things also tends to create other
problems like, headaches, high blood pressure, and depression. Stress seems to create a
lot of problems but new studies have shown that it doesn't create as many problems as it
was once thought too.

Stress has been with man since they evolved and is also recognized as an inherited trait.
When stressed the body releases hormones that trigger the body’s defenses,
substances like endorphins and other morphine like substances are secreted from the brain
during physical and emotional stress. These substances are usually considered good for
the body because they diminish pain and anxiety; they also regulate appetites,
temperature, and intestinal functions. The problem is that when excessively high levels
of these endorphins are in your body they can lead to negative changes.
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