Stress1 Paper

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What types of stresses go along with the profession of firefighting? Here is an example.
It’s 3am and you are sound asleep, out of nowhere you hear…“Beep, beep,
beep, beep beep: Attention Winters Fire Personnel, structure fire!” That sure
wakes you up! It is the sound of our fire pagers alerting us to go down to the fire
station. Right away our adrenaline gets going. The events that proceed after this are
all in a days work, a stressful days work.

Stress is a very common thing for everybody. Life without stress is not possible. I am
researching what types of stresses revolve around a fire department because I am a
firefighter myself. Members of the fire department thrive off of stress. It’s
pretty much what the profession is about. After survive the stressful situation, we feel
satisfaction and reward.

Firefighters incur many different levels of stress. They range from minor, to moderate,
to severe. Based on a person’s tolerance level and personality, one may handle
these stresses differently. Some of the firefighters in our department are very cool,
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