Stretching towards self Essay

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stretching towards self

Stretching towards selfPsychosynthesis
Tony Owens

Referring to my last supervision paper for December I note my suggestion that I might
access some insight concerning emerging purpose through attention to my body. Although at
the time of writing that paper my intention was to look after my body, what has happened
since is just the opposite. I began the process by going on a course of herbal pills to
detox, a course which I studiously ignored. In the midst of finding ways not to adhere to
my agenda I attended the January seminar which concentrated on body work. My prevalent
experience of this was the uncovering of what I would describe as a profound sense of
loneliness, despite the fact that I had dulled down my body through lack of attention.

Subsequent to the last seminar I find myself more determined than ever to stay away from
the exploration of that lonely experience. Upon reflection the excitement which I feel in
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