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The Storm

Since the beginning of time, men and women have felt passion for each other. As time has past, many authors have written about the overwhelming feelings that can occur between humans and the power of lust. It is the search for pleasure, for feeling alive, and for feeling like a passionate human being. Kate Chopin describes these emotions in "The Storm" a story that can be compared with similar themes of today.
First, after many years of marriage, couples might lose the feelings of passion they have in the beginning of the relationship. Couples still love each other, but their lust is transformed into a compassionate partnership. In "The Storm", Calixta's sexuality is repressed by the constrains of her marriage and society's view of women. The absence of lust makes a person become unaware of her sexuality and instinctive drive. The animalistic drives become dormant, and some might become satisfied living without these feelings. The satisfaction once known may seem to become forgotten and unimportant. An awakening of these feelings can make a person experience a storm within. The storm creates a sense of excitement, and controlling her feelings can be hard. The amount of time that these feelings have been repressed can effect the intensity of the storm.
Second, today's impersonal societies have made it easier and more acceptable to be unfaithful while in a relationship. For example, today's media is centered on love triangles.


It is not uncommon for a story today to have a plot, which is focused on unfaithful relationships, in contrast to the fifties when tv and radio portrayed perfect couples and families. During the author's time in the late nineteen-centur, divorce was practically unheard of. Couples who divorced were seen as outc

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