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Change your mind, choose your mood

Magazines, members of the print media family, have entered the twenty-first century in a
state of confusion. Although they are still very much ink on paper products, magazines
also reaches people on websites, they are exclusively available in digital form on the
internet. At the same time, magazine format, which information organized by topic and
theme in an entertaining manner, has been borrowed by television. Thus the magazine is a
media product, a medium of communication, and a communication format. Understanding what
magazines are and how they have evolved from their beginnings is one of the vital things
in understanding what they are today.

Many people nowadays ask the question: what differentiates a magazine from a newspaper?
Actually it is a necessary question, since in contemporary publishing it is sometimes
difficult to distinguish between the two. Generally, a magazine is a published less
frequently than a newspaper. It is also manufactured in a different format; usually on
better quality paper, bound rather than merely folded, and with some kind of cover.

Magazines today then retain their traditional functions. They are a major medium of
surveillance, often delivering information ahead of the rest of the media. Some magazines
like Time, are intended mainly to inform and others like Playboy, to entertain. However,
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