Study Guide for CIS105 Midterm Exam Essay

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Study Guide for CIS105 Midterm Exam

Exam will cover Practical PC topics, computer basics, and Word Tutorial chapters 1-4

Practical PC and computer basics

· Do you know the parts of a computer?
· Do you know the difference between the software and the hardware that run things on the computer?
· Do you know where the various devices and drives are? (for example P: drive, hard drive etc.)
· Can you move files around accurately from location to location, including the use of folders and subfolders?
· Do you know what the file extensions mean?
· Do you know the difference between "save" and "save as" and when to use them?
· Can you browse your computer and attach a document to your email or to your Blackboard posting?
· Can you find your way around the Blackboard site and use the tools and read the
documents? Discussion board, email, etc?

· Can you copy images and text off of the Internet/WWW and place them in a document?
· Can you explain what the different Internet tools are for? Browsers,plug-ins,search
engines, etc? Hardware and software for accessing and reading on the Internet?

· Do you know some of the differences between search engines? Can you name several
search engines and what they do? How they do it differently? (hint: you can find some of
this information in the Blackboard external links page we looked at in class.)

· Can you read and follow directions carefully and with attention to detail?
· Have you used the CDROM to learn the material in the Practical PC?
· Word Tutorial 1
· Start and exit Word
· Identify the components of the Word Window
· Choose commands using the toolbars and menus
· Create and edit a document
· Enter the date with AutoComplete
· Correct spelling errors with AutoCorrect
· Scroll through a document
· Save, preview, and print a document
· Record properties for a document
· Use the Word Help system to get help
· Word Tutorial 2
· Open, rename, and save a previously saved document
· Check spelling and grammar
· Move the insertion point around the document
· Select and delete text
· Reverse edits using the Undo and Redo commands
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