Success Vs Ambition Essays and Papers

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Success Vs Ambition

The two novels, which were read, demonstrated exemplary details of the ISU topics from
which we were supposed to choose. The Hunt for Red October, by Tom Clancey, and Fatal
Terrain, by Dale Brown were the two books being read and analyzed. These two novels are
very similar in theme. Even though all of the given themes can be linked to, and have
stunning similarities to one another, the themes which most protrude in these works, are
success, and ambition. The ambition aspects in both of the books bear stunning resemblance
to one another. In both cases, the kind of ambition illustrated among the characters is
shown in a hands-on way. In both novels, new technology is invented, and new ways of
succeeding are patented for use to have an edge over the competition. Because of the
character's ambitious drive, they will achieve success.

In Hunt for Red October, ambition plays a very large and important part of the plot of the
novel. Basically, the entire plot of the novel revolves around the new technology invented
in order to gain an edge over the competition. The new technology invented was a "Silent
propulsion system..." (Clancey, 58) which "...Virtually eliminate cavitation sounds"
(Clancey, 59). The system was invented and developed by a soviet submarine captain named
Marco Ramius. He fabricated the system for use in his plan to defect to America, from
Russia (to bring your sub from Russia to America so the Americans could use the
technology). The propulsion system was used to eliminate the sound of the submarine's
thrusters and engines, so as to not be detected by other radars. This way, no one would
figure out his plans to defect. As a result of Ramius' ambitious drive and hard work, he
made a change in technology, which would help him achieve his goals in the novel, and
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