Sula Term Paper

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In their life, at one point or another, people deny to themselves and others what they
really feel and what really happened. Some people go on livin their lives the way they
should. Sula is a dark skinned young woman that is considered the protagonist in the
story. She has a friend by the name of Nel who is also a protagonist in the story. They
are very close which mean s they have a strong friendship. All throughout their lives they
both have to overcome some obstacles which says that they are very strong people in a way.
They both run away from their problems because they feel that is a good thing to do Sula
is the bad person in the story and Nel is the good one. Nel is light skinned and she is
very attractive. Sula is hurt very badly by the way her mother treats her. Her mother one
day says, "I love Sula" but Idislike her Sula gets very upset by what her mother says to
her. Later on, in the story Nel has a big problem because she and Sula are fueding and
Sula one day sleeps with her husband. Jude is Nel's husband he feels that he can't face
the fat of what him and Sula did so he ran away from it all. He took a one way ticket to
Detroit and left Nel and her kids all alone. Nel was so hurt by the fact she could not
handle it she wanted to cry like the people who did at Little Chicken's funeral. They both
are running away from their problems but if they just face like they should than nothng
like those problems would bother them so much.

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