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surgeon general

There are many leaders in the United States today. These men and women help to form the
nation into what it is today and what it will be in the future. One of these important
leaders of the United States is the Surgeon General. The Surgeon General has many
responsibilities and priorities that form our nation's Public Health System. These
responsibilities and priorities of the Surgeon General will be explained throughout this

According to the Reader's Digest Encyclopedia the Surgeon General is the chief medical
officer for the United States Public Health System. This means that since 1871 the Surgeon
General has been the nation's leading spokesman on matters of public health. The first
person to hold the position of Surgeon General was Dr. John Woodworth. Dr. Woodworth put
together a group of physicians to assist him with health issues. The Congress recognized
these men and women as the Commissioned Corps.

Over the years the position of Surgeon General has changed in many ways. In 1873 the
official title of the Surgeon General was changed to Supervising Surgeon General and then
back to just Surgeon General in 1902. According to Funk and Wagnall's New Encyclopedia the
Surgeon General was the head of the Public Health System and reported directly to the
Secretary of Health. After 1968 the Surgeon General reported to the Assistant Secretary of

The current Surgeon General for the United States is Dr. David Satcher. He was born in
Anniston, Alabama on March second 1941. Dr. Satcher, his wife Nola, and his four children
live in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Satcher received his M.D. and PhD from Case Western
Reserve University in 1970. Dr. Satcher is the sixteenth Surgeon General and also the
first African American man to hold this position. Fourteen men and two women have held the
position since it originated in 1871. Dr. Satcher was sworn in on February thirteenth 1998
and his term will end in February 2002. He also held the position of Secretary of Health
from February 1998 to January 2001. He was also the Surgeon General at this time.

According to the Official Surgeon General website, Dr. Satcher has many jobs and
responsibilities. First off his job is to administer the U.S. Public Health System. This
is a group of public health professionals who respond to current and long-term health
needs of the Nation. Dr. Satcher also provides leadership and management to the Public
Health Service in the field of emergency preparedness and response activities. Another one
of Dr. Satcher's jobs is to protect and advance the health of the Nation by educating the
public. He does this by holding disease prevention and health promotion programs and
activities. This shows national commitment to protecting and improving the public's
health. Dr. Satcher also advises the President and the Secretary of Health and Human
Services on health, medical, and health system issues facing the Nation. Dr. Satcher also
provides leadership in many other separate departments like the tobacco and HIV prevention
efforts. He does this with governmental and non-governmental departments as well as
domestically and internationally. Dr Satcher also evaluates the quality of public health
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