Essay on SUVs

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Roughly ten years ago the modern, trendy vehicle of the day became the sport utility
vehicle (SUV), and still the SUV craze is hitting America full force with its promising
features and seemingly all-around versitality. But are these vehicles as benign as they
seem? In truth, these SUV's are a major gas consumer, a waste, and a major pollutant to
the environment.

One of every four vehicles sold in America today is a sport utility vehicle. While 90% of
these vehicles never travel on off road terrain, thousands of them are used daily for
trips to the grocery store, or to pick up one or two children from school or soccer
practice. Most travel on paved, well-lit roads and haul few passengers or small loads much
like sedans or economy cars, but much less efficiently. On average, SUV's achieve only
16.23 miles-per-gallon, while the typical economy car can run at 27mpg or better.

Twenty years ago less than 8% of all vehicles sold were SUV's, and most were used for
farming or in construction. Today nearly half of American Families own an SUV. Why the
dramatic increase?

Some people need them for towing boats or trailers, but many SUV's do not even have towing
balls installed, and sedans often have just as much towing capacity on highways and
interstates but at much less cost.

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