Symbolism In The Long Rain Essay

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Symbolism In The Long Rain

Parallelism in 'The Long Rain';
I think that the setting in the short story 'The Long Rain'; is a parallel to reality.
This short story is set on the planet of Venus, where the rain never stops. The scene is
pale and bleak. There are dark clouds rumbling across the sky. Everything is colored in a
shade of gray, except for the bright blue lightning.

The story begins with a group of men, led by a lieutenant, who are trying to find their
way to a sundome. Sundomes are buildings build with a source of light and heat resembling
a sun. These are the only dry, safe, and warm places on the rainy planet. I think that the
sundomes in the story represent the goal that everyone is trying to achieve. This could be
happiness, heaven, or just a moment of peace. Throughout the entire story this is what the
men are trying to get to.

Soon the lieutenant's compass is thrown off by a huge electrical storm and the men find
themselves back at their crashed rocket. Soon the storm is upon them, and there is nowhere
to hide. The author describes the storm as a giant roaring monster a mile long and half a
mile wide with thousands of electric blue lightning bolts for legs, and wherever it
stepped trees burned and fell. The lieutenant orders his men to lie down on the ground to
avoid the lightning. The men try to control their fear as the storm breaks on them, but
despite the lieutenant's efforts to keep the men calm and low to the ground one man
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