System Specialist Essay

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System Specialist

ODI Case Report

Problem statement:
Optical Distortion, Inc. sells contact lens for chickens in the forms. This is new product
in the market to help farmer to maximize their benefits. With new started up company, they
are facing distribution, pricing issue. There are a lot variable to set up price depend on
how you want to gain the market dollar share. They can not price the contact lens too high
because they are not sure that they can convince farmers. At the same time, they can not
price the lens too low to be able to cover cost.

Consumer and demand analysis
Consumer Demand are different based on size of farms. They can be divided by three
segment, small farms, medium farms, larger farms. Small farms operated by family, which is
price sensitive group. Medium farms are very attractive by the product. We also mainly
target on larger farms and 50% penetration of these farms within 5 years.

Competitor Analysis
• Current firms that useing debeaking service
• Secure term of license from New World Plastics for the exclusive use of
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