Taming Of The Shrew - Illusion Vs. Reality Essay

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Taming Of The Shrew - Illusion Vs. Reality

Taming of the Shrew

Illusion vs. Reality

As a passing traveler in Padua, one could easily make superficial assumptions about the
inhabitants. On the surface, Katherina seems like a vicious tiger that is angry at the
entire world. Petruchio first appears like the type of man that anybody would like to have
as a friend. At first glance, Bianca seems like a heavenly vision of beauty that any man
would be lucky to have for a wife. However, after the courtship of Katherina begins, the
true personalities of the characters are revealed.

When a person's own family fears them, one would assume that there is good reason for it.
In Katherina's case though, nobody ever takes the time to listen to what she actually
feels. When she says, "A pretty pet! It is best put finger in the eye, an she knew why."
(Pg. 16), she is not acting maliciously but rather calling out for attention. In contrast
to all the flattery that Bianca receives, the only time people ever talk about Katherina
is when she acts like a shrew. A more vulnerable side to Katherina actually surfaces when
she arrives at Petruchio's house. As Petruchio taunts her with food, she exclaims, "I pray
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