Teaching mthods Essay

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Teaching mthods

Effective Support Strategies for Learners

Effective classrooms have a positive and purposeful atmosphere, where pupils and teachers
feel valued, and work together in a supportive and safe environment. The effective
classroom is one where pupils learn, and teachers help them to do so without spending much
of their time managing 'problem' or 'difficult' behaviour. However, this is not an easy
task, and at one time or another teachers may experience difficulty in maintaining a
harmonious working environment. The main focus of this chapter is to explore ways of
establishing and sustaining a purposeful, working atmosphere in the classroom. Behaviour
management and maintaining discipline is clearly a concern for teachers when seeking to
establish themselves in a new school context or with a new class, even for those who have
plenty of successful experience. For short-term supply teachers, the challenge is
increased by the number of different classes they may encounter on a daily or weekly
basis. There is no shortage of advice in relation to behaviour management and there are
marked differences of opinion across the teaching profession about behaviour and
discipline in schools. What is certain is that there is no 'right' way to manage all

Every student should have the opportunity to have his or her achievements formally
recognised. Achievements may be either as an individual or as a member of a team.

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