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Even now, customer relationship management (CRM) is in its growth stage. Until recently,
diverse individuals defined this concept differently. As the name suggests, the primary
focal point is placed on the customer. If a company develops better customer
relationships, it also improves business processes as well as its profits. In general CRM,
is a more efficient automated method used to connect and improve all areas of business to
focus on creating more solid customer relationships (CRM Research Center, 2001). All
forces are coupled together to save, improve, and acquire greater business to customer
relationships. The most common areas of business that are positively affected include
marketing, sales, and customer service strategies (Digital Consulting Institute, 2002; CRM
Research Center, 2001). CRM helps create time efficiency and savings on both sides of the
business spectrum. Through correct implementation and use of CRM solutions, companies gain
a better understanding of their strongest and weakest areas and how they can improve upon
these. Therefore, customers gain better products and services from their businesses of
choice. In order to achieve better insight on CRM, it is essential to consider all of its
components. Analogous to other technologies, CRM has its goals, costs, implementation
strategies, and success and failure stories.

If successful, CRM can assist businesses with many customer-oriented processes. In
general, companies will be able to offer better customer service. By keeping track of
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