Teen pregnancy Argumentative Essay

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teen pregnancy

teenage pregnancy

is it the new trend for teenager to have sex and get pregnant? what is the point? there
are so many things we already have to instill within our selves to gain maturity in such
short time so how can we do that and also take responsbility for another child.

teenage sex is so wide do to the lack or ignorance of such vital sex education, birth control and abstinese.
sex education help prepare the youth for changes in their bodies, sex effects and
concequences, and how to respond and deal with dating.

birth control, condoms, pills etc., help prevent std's and pregnancy.
abstinces, the withholding or indulging of sexual activity.
but if we dont know what these things mean how can take part or action to help stop and
prevent what may lead to the after effects of something so complexed in meaning and

with the responsibilty for a child we must give up lots of the usual things that we took
part in. we must now give care for what we choose to make. why cant we wait until were a
bit more mature to give up something so rich and sunifficant to us. having a child at a
early age doesnt mean you cant fufill that childs needs but it does mean that you will
have to give full not half but full attention, love, responsibilty, as well as as
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