Tennis Essay

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Tennis: Itís Time for War!

Arguably the most popular life-long sport, tennis, in its true context is not merely

the friendly game that is perceived by its spectators. Spectators are oblivious to its
heart-crunching reality. To uncover the truth beneath the surface, spectators must become
players and participate. Only then will their dream world be pulled from their eyes and
unmask the brutality, the evilness, and the hatred that is pumping in a tennis playerís
mind. The game of tennis is no more than an all out war.

Tennis is a duel, a battle of skill and determination between two cherished friends or,
perhaps, competitive rivals. Once on the court, though, the mentality of the players
transforms from mellow human beings to war machines from hell. Itís a tournament to the
death. The winner is he/she that has survived to proclaim his/her glory of victory. The
winner receives that extraordinary boost of ego and pride that all humans yearn for. These
two attributes mutate the winner into the ultimate warrior, the supreme tennis player.

The battlefield is where it all happens; the tennis court. Whether natural or synthetic,
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