Terrorism Synopsis

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September 24,2001 Terrorism

Throughout history there have been much devastation, which have

had a lasting impact on the world, as we know it today. There has not been

such devastation such as the hijacking of American flight 11 and United

Flight 175, which hit the world trade center, and the American flight 77,

which hit the Pentagon on September 11th 2001. Such a terrorist to inflect

pain on a large mass of citizens is accomplished for many reasons. One

religion, Islam, was used in the reasoning of the terror attack in New York

City. To many in the Muslim community this is not the Islam religion and

that they should not be harassed because of there appearance. I agree that

this will not be a war of religion but a war of terrorism.

"Adherent's call Islam the nation's most misunderstood religion", as

one Newsday article reports. Islam's sacred text, the Quran, helps clear up

the misunderstanding of this peaceful religion. Islam is very closely related

to Judaism and Christianity. "The underlying theme is human accountability

for their actions", Raug stated. Alike other religions there are extremists who

take it to the limit and beyond. In the hijackings it was believed that these

terrorists were looking for "hierarchy" in the after life. These terrorists

would think to be as hero's for there own belief.

The connection to Bin Laden, Islamic religion, and the world trade

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