Texas vs Johnson Essay

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Texas vs Johnson

H.W. 46 What role did Theodore Roosevelt play in the Progressive Movement?
Rd pp. 429-434

1. Define what Roosevelt meant by “Square Deal”
Roosevelt meant by the Square Deal that the mining operators did not have a
choice. They had to submit to what the government said and had to make a deal with the
union, led by Mitchell. In a sense, they really had no end in the, consequently called the
square deal.

2. Explain Roosevelt role in the a) anthracite coal strike b.) Northern Securities Case c)
Hepburn Act d) conservation of natural resources

Anthracite Coal Strike - Many miners were dying needlessly every year. The men
received no raise in wages in 20 years. They were paid by the weight of the coal they dug,
but the companies were not weighing honestly. By 1902 they could not dig anymore. John
Mitchell became leader of the union with 150,000 strong. After TR. got involved they
resolved the strike and the union and workers got mostly what they asked for.

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