That Bash was Different Essay

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That Bash was Different

It is that time again; the 22nd annual "End of Summer Bash" held by the Donohues - my
Mother's LARGE Irish family. As usual it is the 3rd weekend of September & I'm sure that
this year's picnic is by far the most perfect one we've ever had. We all know what is on
our minds but today isn't about that, it is about US.

The heat of the sun is still strong enough to warm the wind yet there is just enough of a
coolness in the breeze to remind us what we are celebrating. That very breeze carries the
scent of my Aunt's hot mulled apple cider. I can also smell my Uncle's chicken; he makes a
homemade sweet and sour barbecue sauce to marinate it in before barbecuing it. As soon as
he places it on the barbecue the smell pervades the air around us and my mouth begins to

My hands are spread on the dry, soft ground, they support me as I lean back & turn my head
toward the clear blue sky. I cannot believe how bright it is, it almost hurts my eyes to
look up. I know the sun is to my left, but it is out of my view, all I see is the massive
blue blanket above me. I am listening to my two boys laughing - I can hear their
satisfaction of the day in their giggles - this is true joy. I remind myself that these
are the priceless moments and I fight to let myself absorb the sound of the happiness
around me forcing the pain of last week's events out of my mind.

I shift myself around, I am leaning back fully now, resting my head on the lap of my
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