Essay on The 1920s

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The 1920s

The Roaring 20's

the post war changes were economic first, because the factories had to change again there
was not a demand for war goods and returning vets faced unemployment. Now those who had
jobs like women and African Americans lost their jobs. In Russia, the Russian revolution
had started and the red scare began also.

The change after war was a very social thing. The start of communism had come about. This
idea of communism gave hope to the weary Russians. The red scare was the fear of communism
taking over and spreading. In case during the early 20's called the Sacco and Vanzetti
Case was about two Italian men connected to crimes and were arrested and both had guns on
them. They were sentenced to die and many thought it was unfair because they had admitted
to being anarchists and people thought they were convicted based on their views and
heritage. Another social event was the large migration of African Americans to the north.
They brought with them many new ideas and there own culture from the south. One example
was the music of jazz and blues. Music was a big part of African American culture. Jazz
was such a huge hit that the 20's were called the jazz age. There were new morals for
women and a new youth culture.

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