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The Adventures of Tom sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
By Mark Twain
This is a story about a young boy named Tom Sawyer who is very mischievous and likes
to go on adventures. He lives with his Aunt Polly and his half-brother Sid. Tom also had
two friends named Joe Harper and Huck Finn. Becky Thatcher is Tomís girlfriend and
Injun Joe is the townís thief and murderer. This story took place in the mid-1800s in a
small village in Missouri along the Mississippi River.
The story begins when Aunt Polly has to punish Tom Sawyer for playing hooky from
school. She orders him to white-wash the fence on a Saturday afternoon. Tom was a smart
kid, so when he saw a classmate come along he saw an opportunity to get out of work.
Tom tricked the boy into white-washing the fence for him, and in exchange for the
opportunity to paint the fence, the boy had to "pay" him an apple. Tom tricked other kids
too. They all traded something for the opportunity to white-wash the fence. Tom was
"rich" and the fence was finished in no time. So, Tom went swimming. Aunt Polly was
impressed when she saw the fence.
That night Tom complained about a tooth that was sore. Aunt Polly tied a string to his
tooth and then tied the string to a bedpost. She frightened him with a burning piece of
wood. He jumped back, and the tooth was pulled out. The next day, Tom saw his friend,
Huck Finn. Huck was the son of the town drunk. Huck had a tick which everyone liked a
lot. Tom asked if he would swap it for his tooth and Huck said yes. At school they played
games with the tick instead of working, so they got the switch.
There was a new girl in town named Becky Thatcher. The first time Tom saw her, he fell
in love and promised himself that he would win her heart. It only took a couple of minutes
before they where going out. Then Tom said something he should not have, which made
Becky mad. So Tom gave her his treasure, a door knob. Becky was still mad, so she threw
it down. Tom picked it up and ran away. Becky felt sorry for what she had done, so she
went to go look for Tom, but she couldnít find him.
Tom had gone to the graveyard. After awhile Huck came around and they talked. The two
boys decided to sneak out that night and play in the graveyard. While they where playing
in the graveyard, they saw three shadowy figures. A lanternís light revealed their identity;
it was Dr. Robinson, Muff Potter, and Injun Joe. They where digging up a coffin and then
took out a body. Then a fight broke out and in the end Injun Joe killed Dr. Robinson.
Injun Joe told Muff Potter that he did it and Muff believed him. The boys ran home
The next day they swore not to tell anybody about what they had witnessed. Everyone in
town was talking about Dr. Robinsonís death and Muff Potter got blamed. Tom felt sorry
for him and gave him things through the jail bars, but Potter didnít know why Tom did
this. Meanwhile, Tom also had emotional pains and sleepless nights because of the
murder. Becky was also very ill and he worried about her. Aunt Polly knew that Tom was
having problems so she bought some pain killer that she had read about. Tom didnít like
it, but he took it to make Aunt Polly happy. One day Tom gave some of the medicine to
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