The Ambivalence of Abortion Essay

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The Ambivalence of Abortion

The Ambivalence of Abortion
By Linda Bird Francke

When Linda and her husband were faced with her fourth pregnancy, both were caught by
surprise. “The timing wasn’t right” for either of them. Her husband had
plans for a career change and she was starting a full time job after having stayed home
with her first three children, now in school age. Their lives “didn’t have
room for another baby”. Regardless of her husband’s support she would have to
go through this alone.

Once in the Women’s Services Center, the decision so rationally made didn’t
seem so easy or right. The same feeling seems to be share by the men accompanying the
women and the women themselves. There were women with “different races, ages and
backgrounds” and “one common denominator, the one which usually floods across
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