The Big Dance Essay

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The Big Dance

A "Persuasive" Paper
Jeff Patterson
University of Phoenix
22 May 2005
It is an event that happens every year and one in which I look forward to with great
anticipation. There are those who have such a high interest that they invest not only a
great deal of money, but also the effort to debate and argue their position with great
gusto. I do not refer to which team they devoutly back, but the level of competition and
the greatness of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) basketball
tournament in comparison with the National Basketball Association's (NBA) playoff
tournament. I do not view professional basketball with much vigor as I see the league as
dominated by money, greed, and hype. While the NCAA and its tournament also features money
and hype, it also displays the excitement and unpredictability that enhances its allure
and its greatness. Give me March Madness and the excitement when an underdog not only
wins, but wins big over a traditional powerhouse. To me, there is no greater athletic
competition in existence today than this annual display of talent, skill, and

"Two overtimes. A buzzer-beating block. Two last-effort three-pointers to keep the game
alive. Six players fouling out. A seven beating a two. An NCAA Tournament classic."
(Creditor, A.,, Mar., 2005) Sure you can find the excitement of many games
in any level of competition. But to have all the above happen in just one weekend of high
stakes tournament basketball year after year is pure heaven. The NCAA has created an
athletic event featuring 65 teams of all levels of competition, each manned by 12 players
of all levels of ability, and in three short weeks, created utter bliss for the basketball
fanatic. All this from a field of 326 teams that make up the Division I ranks. Compare
these facts with the more popular NBA playoffs. There are a mere 30 teams in this
professional league. They play more games in a season; 82 versus the 76 total games played
by the two teams who played in the National Championship game - combined! I cannot think
of a more compelling reason as to why I perceive the NBA to be so boring. They drill it
into your head with way too many meaningless games. These are games that are played for no
other reason than to bring in money. Yes, in my humble opinion, these "professionals" are
not in it for the love of the game, but for the love of money. That does not mean that
they do not love the game but I do perceive their view of the game tinted green and I
believe that to be just wrong. For example, the top NBA players get paid $30 to $40
million dollars a year to play a game. In contrast, the top NCAA players get paid tuition,
books, and whatever else might be covered in their scholarship. They might get somewhere
close to $100,000 in their whole four years of schooling. And that depends largely upon
the size, reputation, and whether the school is state funded or private.

Let us again compare. In the NCAA level, you will find players referred to as forwards,
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