The Bird Eye View of the World Essay

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The Bird Eye View of the World

The Bird Eye View of the World.
Barbara Kingsolver’s book High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never is a collection of
twenty-five different essays. They do not seem connected to each other at the first sight,
but in reality, a few major themes, such as parenting, motherhood, family life and nature,
connect them together. Several of the essays contain a critique of different aspects in
the U.S. culture on which the author focuses. For my writing, I chose four of those
essays: “High Tide in Tucson”, “Stone Soup”, “Somebody’s Baby”, “Civil Disobedience at
Breakfast”, in which Kingsolver wrote about parenting in America. In my essay, I will try
to explain how the author connected her essays with the critique of this aspect, and what
the nature of her critique is.

In the first part of my essay, I would like to write about the relationship between
parents and their children. Let’s see what she wrote about the American parents’ way of
education their children. In her essay “Somebody’s Baby”, she wrote that the American
culture “ tended to regard children as a sort of toxic-waste product: a necessary
evil…”(100), “ a mistake that should not be rewarded.”(102) People do not respect
children, and when the children grow up, they do not want to respect the elders.

When I was studying in ESL 110D class, we talked with my teacher about respect. Before, I
thought that Americans do not respect their elders. Thanks to my teacher, who explained to
me that America is the nation that loves its independence. People do not help much their
elders because they do not want to be deprived of the independence from their elders, and
also elders do not want to cause problems to their youth. In other words, young people
respect their elders, but in different ways than we do. It is very hard to understand
people with the different cultural background and accept their points of view. But it
becomes easier when we learn something about their culture.

Kingsolver wrote in her essay “Somebody’s Baby”, “ The worth of children in America is
tide to their dollar value.”(102) There are a few government programs for the children in
this country. The author compared this situation with the kids to the different situation
in the other countries. In Spain, for example, is the culture “that held children to be
its meringues and éclairs.”(100) There people like kids, and they show their love and
respect to the kids. She also said that in many other parts of the world the infant
mortality rates are lower simply because those people attend better to their mother and
children. It used to be like this in my country, but now the situation has changed.
Before, the regular soviet family had two parents and three or more children. Now people
try to have only one child because it much easier to raise one child than three or five.
The first thing that surprised me when I just moved here was a lot of pregnant women I saw
around. In my country, the pregnant woman is unique. I think the wish of people to have
more children shows the wealth of the whole country. In my opinion, people here have a lot
of government programs that support mothers and children. I disagree with the author
because we have different cultural background and we see this problem from the different

Kingsolver wrote in “Civil Disobedience at Breakfast” that children are adept at becoming
what we expect them to be, but in her essay “Somebody’s Baby,” she gave us the example of
the old American lady who did not want to change her sit and put her own comfort first,
the author warned us that we should be careful what we give our children, for sooner or
later we are sure to get it back. (107) In this essay, she also wrote that parents come to
the restaurants to get away from their kids. Maybe because the parents wanted to get away
from the children, the children too wanted to move from their parents’ house as soon as
possible and as far as they can. In “High Tide in Tucson”, Kingsolver wrote,“ My culture
values independence above all things.”(14) Even the fairy tales command: Little Pig, go
out and seek for your fortune! So did the author like many people did this before her and
continue doing it now. Some parents give children too much freedom, while others teach
their children that they are the whole world for their parents. When Kingsolver talked
about parents’ love in the essay “Civil Disobedience at Breakfast,” she said raising a kid
is the academy and in “Somebody’s Baby,” she suggested to give a special license for
parenting. She said in “Civil Disobedience at Breakfast” that she tried to do most things
like her mother did for her. The author compared the mother’s job before and now. She
said, “ My mother’s work was me, but now I’m a mother with other work too.”(91) In her
essay “Stone Soup,” she also compared family life before and now, she wrote about the
differences between the ideal American family, the Family of Dolls, which contained four
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