The Bogart Essay

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The Bogart

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to inherit a castle in Scotland? What if it
was haunted by a sprit called a Boggart? The book I read called The Boggart by Susan
Cooper is a story based on something like that happening.

The main story takes place in Toronto, Canada. The Volink family inherited a castle in
Scotland from Mr. McDevon the mother's uncle. The two children in the story are Emily and
Jessup. Emily is the oldest. She is smart brave and very sensitive towards the Boggart,
once she understood him. Jessup is very smart, loves computers, and was a member of a
computer gang called the Gang 5. The parents of Emily and Jessup were Robert and Maggie
Volink. Robert works in the theater and Maggie owns and runs an antique store. The Volink
family were excited and amazed that they inherited a castle. But what the Volink's did not
know was that a spirit called a Boggart lived there.

The Boggart is a sprit that is neither good or bad. He mainly plays practical jokes on
people. It is like a little child that can be friendly towards mortals. Boggarts cannot be
seen or heard..

The Volink family sold the castle right away because it would be to expensive to keep.
Emily and Jessup kept two pieces of furniture to bring home. What they didn't realize was
that a Boggart was sleeping in the desk they took home. When the Boggart got up he
realized he was no longer home in Scotland in his castle.

As the Boggart got comfortable he began his practical jokes in Toronto. He would take Mr.
Volinks razor and hide it. The Boggart would hide the razor in such a place that Mrs.
Volink would find it; making Mr. Volink believe that his wife had taken it. Jessup and
Emily didn't realize a Boggart was in the house until the Boggart ate Jessup's lunch. What
had happened was that the Boggart had gotten trapped in Jessup's lunch box. When Jessup
opened the lunch box their was no lunch. Jessup figured someone stole his lunch. But,
later that day at hockey practice a puck was shot at Jessup's face mask which the Boggart
was hiding in. When the puck hit the mask the Boggart evaporated into a green gas. Jessup
didn't know what to think so, he told his sister Emily what had happened. Emily told
Willie a Scottish actor about it. He told them that it was a Boggart and explained to her
what it was.

The Boggart played many tricks which caused the children to get punished. Emily couldn't
take it anymore. As a punishment the kids had to clean their mothers antique store. Emily
explained to Jessup about the Boggart, that was getting them into so much trouble. That's
when the Boggart realized that they knew about him. The Boggart was so delighted that he
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