The Book of Thesalonians Essay

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The Book of Thesalonians


The books of I and II Thessalonians, which are in the New Testament, are both letters to a
church that Paul the apostle helped establish in the city of Thessalonica. First
Thessalonians is agreed by biblical scholars to be written by Paul. The author of II
Thessalonians, however, is still being debated about.

In II Thessalonians itself, and in secondary sources, there is evidence to support the
theories that Paul wrote II Thessalonians as well as the first letter but also that
someone wrote II Thessalonians in his name. First Thessalonians was written from Corinth
in about 51 AD. If Paul actually wrote the second letter, it was written shortly after
that. If he did not, then it is hard to decide when the book of II Thessalonians was
written. Since it is agreed that Paul wrote I Thessalonians, the text and style of II
Thessalonians can be compared to it. If things such as vocabulary and style differ between
the two, it shows that Paul may not have written II Thessalonians. An example of this is
found in II Thessalonians 1:3 and again 2:13. The verses have the phrase, "we must always
give thanks to God for you, brothers and sisters…"

I found quite a few sites that believe that Paul did not write II Thessalonians but don't
get me wrong there are also some who do believe the he did write this book but I will not
make a decision because there because it is not clear from my readings of both books who
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