The Boxes of Life Essay

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The Boxes of Life

Boxes of Life

There are many factors that contribute to what society thinks of us. The way we dress, the
music we listen to, and the activities that we participate in are a few that really
"allow" society to put us into these boxes of conformity. And while these things we do are
representations of ourselves, they don't always mean the same to us as they do to society.

The ways I dress and act have always been hard for me to "box-up." I think that I fall
into a couple of different categories, and do things in all of the different categories
with all types of people. For example, when talking about one's attire, there are a couple
of major groups that you can stereotype together. There are, of course, the "preppy"
styles, the "I don't care" looks, and the "gothic" looks. Now I think there are different
bits and pieces of all of these groups that I can put myself in. But this doesn't just
apply to the clothes that you choose to wear. It also groups you into what activities you
normally partake in, and the different things you like. And, no matter what "group" you
fall into, you are going to be perceived, in a way that you might not always like, by

First, there is the "preppy" group. This is the group, for guys, that usually consists of
faded or ripped-up jeans, a button-up shirt, usually tucked-in in the front, and spiked
and frosted hair. And for girls, it's all about the tight-fitting clothes. Usually a short
skirt or tight jeans, accompanied by a smaller than normal shirt, and hair that's been
died or highlighted so many times that you can't even tell what color it originally was
supposed to be; but over everything, there is usually some bright, blonde highlights over
the color of the month. As for the activities that "these people" partake in…they are
usually more of the athletic types, you know…the stars of the football or track team. If
this whole stereotype is at all "correct", then there is a lot of that that I fall into.
In high school (which, actually, is what I'm relating most of this to), I played a couple
of different sports, and wasn't too bad either. I wasn't ever the "star", but I started on
the baseball team, and got plenty of minutes on the basketball team. But I don't think I
ever felt 100% comfortable with all of those kids. I think that most of them are, overall,
pretty dumb! They also had an awful sense of humor…and not to think to highly of myself,
but I might have only thought that because my sense of humor is way above most! But I
think that style is nice sometimes, and I do wear some of those clothes every now and

Another "box" that we tend to put people in is the "I don't care" box. These are the
people that, for the most part, are either against the whole "preppy movement" or honestly
could care less about what they wear…just whatever they have that they've gotten as
gifts and what not. In my experiences, these are for the most part, the band kids. These
people usually wear like, for those that like sports (me), shirts with logos of their
favorite teams, favorite bands, or those shirts that have a funny, usually dark humor,
sayings on them. I would day that most of all, I fall into this category. I did
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