The Call of the Wild Book Report

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The Call of the Wild

The Call of
the Wild has a very interesting plot. It is centered around a
St. Bernard and Scotch Shepard mix, named Buck. At
home, which was a large house called Judge Millers Place,
in the sun kissed Sanata Clara Valley, he ruled over all dogs.
Buck was Judge Miller's inseperable companion, until a man
named Manuel, who was the one of the gardener's helpers,
commited a treacherous act. Manuel, to cover his Chinese
lottery gambling debts, stole Buck from his sound sleep and
brought him to a flag station called College Park. There, the
exchanging of money took place. It was simple. Manuel
needed money to pay off his gambling debts, and Buck was
a prime candidate. Buck was loaded onto an express car to
Seattle. When he got there, he was bought by two men
named Perrault and Francois. He was loaded onto a ship
called the Narwhal and tooken to the Yukon, where he was
to be trained as a sled dog. There were other sled dogs that
Buck came to know well, each with their own unique
personality. After only a short time of training, Buck was a
sled dog, traveling with the team of huskys and mix breeds
from Dyea Beach, to the town of Dawson. After several
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