The cask of amontilllado Essay

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The cask of amontilllado

Corey Macdougall Macdougall 1
Mrs. Jackson
English period 5
The Cask of Amontillado
The cask of Amontillado By Edgar Allen Poe is the story of a man and his revenge.
Montresor takes all his revenge out on Fourtunato. Poe creates a great deal of irony to
make this a truly horrifying story. He uses verbal irony, Situational irony, and Dramatic

Verbal irony, or the difference between what a character says and what their words
actually mean, appears throughout the story. At one point when Fortunato begins coughing,
Montresor suggest that they go back. Fortunato replies “I shall not die of a cough.
Although the reader may not realize the significance of the comment on first reading the
story, he later realizes the great irony of the statement, for Fortunato does not die of a
cough but of something much worse. On the way Montresor says, “I drink to your
health” Fortunato Knot knowing he was going to be killed in a few minutes drinks
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