The Censorship In The American Society Essay

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The Censorship In The American Society

The Censorship in the American Society

Jennifer Stern
ENC 1102
Essay 1
6 February, 1997

As society emerges into the twenty-first century, control amongst the
people is still evident in the actions sought by both houses of Congress.
Individuals, in many cultures, are being sheltered from the controversial issues.
By suppressing ideas or themes of materials in which a person does not agree,
portrays a false atmosphere of society. When the Congress feels that people do
not have the ability to form decisions for themselves, this is where the
censorship begins. The issue of censorship is currently being debated
concerning the violence on television programming.
Censorship is defined as "the supervision and control of the information
and ideas that are circulated among the people within a society.(Konvitz 1)"
Censorship is a form of controlling the members of society. Government leaders
and public officials, who believe that literary, artistic, or educational
materials are not suitable for the public, take the liberty of eliminating
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