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The chosen quote ananlysis

The Chosen
Reading Journal

Chapter One

1. “Remember why and for whom we play.” (p. 16)

This passage shows the rabbi of Reuven’s rival team telling his players to focus
and concentrate on the importance of the baseball game they are about to play.
They are playing for the glory of their God and not to just have fun. To these
young teenage boys their religion has importance in all aspects of their life
even their after school recreational activities.

2. The first pitch was low, and Danny Saunders ignored it. The second one
started to come in shoulder-high, and before it was two thirds of the way to the
plate, I was standing on second base. (p. 30)

This seemingly irrelevant scene in the book is actually very important because it
shows how Reuven controls his own destiny. Anticipating what is going to
happen based on previous experience is crucial, not just in baseball but also in
life. Reuven was the only one on his team that reacted like this and it shows
his leadership abilities in key situations.

Chapter Two

3. “Enjoy your meal,” she said smiling.
“Thank you very much,” I said. I had been concerned about eating. (p. 44)

As soon as Reuven regained consciousness in the hospital his main concern was
remaining kosher according to his religion. His natural instinct of hunger was
put after the desire to obey his Jewish beliefs. This shows what a key factor
Reuven’s religion is to him in all aspects of life.

4. “It’s not all right,” I said “I want you to tell me.”
“There is nothing to tell you. They told me it was all right.”
“Abba, please tell me what’s the matter.” (p. 48)

This passage explains the close connection between Reuven and his father. The
boy can tell when his father is not being completely honest with him and
Reuven longs to know what is going to happen to his eye. In his time of pain
and concern Reuven knows that he can confide in his “Abba” for help and

Chapter Three

5. Also, yesterday I had hated him; now we were calling each other by our first
names. (p. 68)

Reuven explains in this passage the change in emotions he felt towards Danny. The
previous day Reuven deeply hated Danny but now they began to spend time together and grow
as friends. It is also ironic that these two boys would probably never get to know each
other if it was not for Reuven’s injury.

6. “What would have happened if you had lost?”
“I don’t like to think about that. You don’t know my father.”
“So you practically had to beat us.” (p. 71)

Here Danny tells Reuven that to the Hasidic softball team it was more than a
game; it was an expression of Hasidic dominance. Danny’s father, the Hasidic
rabbi in the area formed the team for the sole purpose of glorifying his religion
and failure was not an option for Danny and his team.

Chapter Four

7. “I read a lot,” he said. “I read about seven or eight books a week outside of my
school work.” (p. 79)

Danny is telling Reuven about himself and his studying habits. Danny is an
extremely intelligent person who reads on his own for the sole purpose of
possessing that extra knowledge. This impresses Reuven who is also on a quest
for knowledge and he only reads three or four books a week.

8. I suddenly realized it was my father who all along had been suggesting books
for Danny to read. My father was the man Danny had been meeting in the

Reuven is surprised to find out that his “enemy” was actually a friend of his
father for almost two months before the two boys met on the baseball field. In
this complicated friendship the two boys are just getting to know each other
while the father has been guiding each of them individually for quite some
time. Only through a baseball injury are these people all brought together.

Chapter Five

9. I had lived init all my life, but I never really saw it until I went through it that
Friday afternoon. (p.94)

Reuven now values the things he once took for granted; even an insignificant
plant outside his house is exciting to him. It is not until something is taken away
from Reuven that he notices the importance of it.

10. I felt I had crossed into another world, that pieces of my old self had been left
behind on the black asphalt floor of the school yard alongside the shattered lens
of my glasses. (p. 96)

Along with the physical change of the temporary loss of eyesight Reuven has also
gone through a mental transformation while in the hospital. His old passive
lifestyle changed once he realized that at any moment it could all be over. Being
injured was a tremendous growing experience and without being in this accident
Reuven would not have matured as much as he did.

Chapter Six

11. There was color now in my father’s face and his cough had disappeared. (p. 97)

Reuven’s injury was a traumatic experience for both father and son. Mr. Malter
was pale and sick during Reuven’s struggle in the hospital and this shows how
much he cared for his son. With Mrs. Malter gone Reuven is the only true friend
he has and both father and son need each other.

12 Reb Saunders’ son is a terribly torn and lonely boy. There is literally no one in
the World he can talk to. He needs a friend. The accident with the baseball has
bound Him to you.” (p. 106)

Mr. Malter makes it clear to Reuven just how important it is to be friends with
Danny Saunders. Although very gifted and educated Danny struggles daily with
the loneliness of having no one to confide in. what seemed like a terrible event at
the baseball field was a blessing in disguise that will bring these two boys who
need each other, together.

Chapter Seven

13. Danny was probably going to have as much trouble with his friends over our
relationship as I would have with mine. (p. 118)

Reuven and Danny are from two different social groups with dissimilar
qualities that make it difficult for the two boys to be friends. It is a classic
problem in literature; for example: Romeo and Juliet. The main difference in
Danny and Reuven’s friendship from Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is that the
two boys do not try to hide their friendship.

14. He glanced at me, his face a mixture of surprise and relief, and I realized
that I, too, had passed some kind of test.” (p. 134)

Reuven has just been quizzed by Reb Saunders and he answered the question
correctly. This is a big step in Reuven and Danny’s friendship because it shows
Mr. Saunders that Reuven is an acceptable friend. Both parents now approve of
the friendship between their sons even though the fathers do not always agree and
this also shows the maturity and understanding of the men.

Chapter Eight

15. I decided after a while to review by heart some of the symbolic logic I had been
studying. (p.144)

This passage shows how the two friends, Danny and Reuven, push each other to
further their knowledge. When Reuven sees Danny reading a book it makes him
want to do something for himself that will make him smarter. It is an undeclared
competition between the boys to see who is more dedicated to their education.

16. Reb Saunders was far happier when he lost to Danny than when he won.
(p. 155/156)

In the religious quizzing that took place between Reb Saunders and his son the
father took pride in seeing his son succeed even if it meant that Mr. Saunders was
proved wrong lost. Mr. Saunders taught Danny most of what he knows and
seeing this knowledge Transfer from generation to generation makes Reb happy.
He knows that through these friendly games between father and son Danny will
learn what his father knows and eventually take his place.

Chapter Nine

17. My father’s eyes were misty when we left the office. (p. 162)

Reuven was just told that his eye was fine and that he could do all the things
he used to do including reading. This was extremely relieving to his father; Mr.
Malter continually worried about Reuven while he was in the hospital and even
when he got out because of his eye. Everything was physically back to normal
with Reuven and this brought his father to tears.

18. I bent and blew hard against the web. It swayed, but remained intact. I
Blew again, harder now, and the strands seemed to suddenly melt. (p. 165)

Reuven was sitting on his porch moments after hearing the bad news of Billy’s
unsuccessful surgery and he felt helpless, just like the horsefly stuck in the
spider’s web. Reuven wanted to do something good so he destroyed the web
that the fly was stuck in and this allowed it to escape. What Reuven did not
realize was the fact that by releasing the fly and tearing down the web he might
have killed the spider that needed the fly to survive. It is ironic that Reuven’s
attempt at a good deed might have been hurtful.

Chapter Ten

19. I joined him there every afternoon, and frequently my father came with me.
(p. 166)

Danny and Reuven’s friendship has grown and they both rely on each other for
help and companionship. Now that it is summer they meet every day in the
library to do their reading together. Reuven’s father also acts as a mentor to
Danny who has no father figure who he can turn to for help with his studying.

20. Miserable, he said. Had I ever sat in a bus with my father for hours and not
exchanged a single word of conversation, except for a short discussion about
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    franciso de zurbaran The Annunciation: A Painting by Francisco de Zurbaran Works of art can best be appreciated when the elements of design, the principles of design, and the iconography of the work are observed and understood. The Annunciation, a painting by the Spanish artist Francisco de Zurbaran, is a work of art that incorporates both the elements and principles of design. The iconography of the painting is of great importance as well as its aesthetic quality. The ability to create a pictur
  • Gericaults Raftas legacy in art and politics
    Gericaults Raftas legacy in art and politics Theodore Gericault\'s greatest legacy as an artist is undoubtedly his Raft of the Medusa, completed in 1819. The painting is the comprehensive result of experiments with a variety of forms and styles; it marks the apogee of Gericault\'s career. Beautiful and horrible, incidental and ubiquitous, monumental without a specific hero, The Raft of the Medusa was to the Salon of 1819 a complete paradox. The painting\'s first critics were divided in their ass